Introducing The Meanwhiles: Mark Sloan


Oh man. Where to even BEGIN with Mark. I first met mark (I think) when we shared a bill with Ashley Williams, and his band The Flea Marketeers at the 5 spot, like 3 years ago.. maybe longer. So crazy we just celebrated Mark and Jordan getting married this past weekend. Time flies so, so quickly!

Anyway, Mark and I were roommates for the better part of last year, and I am so fortunate to have become better friends with him and their circle of friends. Mark is a remarkably caring, and disciplined guy. I learned more about what it means to be a musician and the discipline it takes. He practices like its a full-time job and it shows. I think it is one thing to be disciplined, but Mark TRULY cares about the projects he gets involved in. Everyone I’ve known to have had him play with them has shared the feeling I have experienced, that Mark really invests in their music.

I’m so excited for him and Jordan’s life together to keep growing and to keep getting to know him through music and friendship. Special guy, that one!
Love you, Mark! Have fun in Me-hee-coooo.

Here’s a video of The Flea Marketeers shot by my Seattle friend, Eratosthenes. 

Introducing The Meanwhiles: Molly Parden







Ol’ Mol-Mol. 
I first met Molly in October of 2012, when John Davey and I were on our VW World Tour through the South (yes I capitalized “south”). John had heard Molly’s music first at a festival and we’d listened to her album (click here) in the car at least two times through, maybe three. LOVED IT. I was so excited to meet her at that house show in Atlanta.  Anyway, A year and a half later, she’s here in town killing it on background vocals for everyone you know, and checking off her own musical bucket list one super cool thing at a time.

I’m so glad to have Molly sing with us all the time, and I can’t wait to hear the things she’s working on of her own. Be sure to be on the look out for her this weekend as she’s on the road with Nate Currin and Hannah Miller. (dates are on her website)

Love you, Molly!

Introducing The Meanwhiles: Cori Bechler


Cori Bechler is one of my longest closest friendships, coming up on five years this summer. We first met at Cafe Coco the week she moved to town for open mic night, and grew to be really good friends creative supporters of each other.

We first started playing together as The Means, singing primarily our friend Ben Ewen’s songs until he moved away and we recorded The Meanwhiles first EP together.

She spends her creative energy on Nice Bear Design Collective; her own graphic design company based here in Nashville (you can find her amazing cards in stores like KORE and A Village Of Flowers) and her own music. She’s working on an EP of her own music which I’m so excited about. Here’s a throwback video of The Means performing at HOTEL INDIGO- Ben’s song “settle down”.

And HERE is Nice Bear’s Facebook page:



Hey! Help Us Make Our Full-Length Record!

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You may have come across my multitude of posts through various social media sites, but we are raising money to fund our first full-length record in just two weeks!

Here is the official campaign site to share and pre-order the album through. Thanks so much for your support!

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Hope you like pictures!
There are pleeenty more where these came from. I mean, hundreds. A bit overkill. Maybe. 

I just haven’t been able to get enough of this beautiful country. I landed in Switzerland on the 18th of September, met by my wonderful, generous host Jean-Luc Berkovits. If you’re wondering at all how this trip was made possible, it is because of this guy, and his investment in music. I met Jean-Luc in Nashville almost two years ago now while he was studying with Brett Manning to become a vocal coach. Now, he has been back and in business at JLBStudios here in Tannay, Switzerland guiding folks of all ages to more knowledge about their own voices, as well as organizing a show series called “Nashville Nights”. 

Annalisa Nutt (Arkansas, soon to move to Nashville) and I were the lucky ones for the 2nd of what will hopefully be…

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This trip has been amazing so far. The generosity of the people here is so mind-blowing to me, especially of Alan Clark, and The Admiral Fallow boys. 

Louis, Joe, Liam, and I got together Friday afternoon for our only rehearsal from 12-3, and then went on to play for a full house just hours later at Broadcast. It was amazing. These guys are the real deal, and so fun and nice as well. 

Yesterday, we drove up to Loch Lomond for lunch. Everything is bluer and greener here, its like a cartoon, or a fairytale. or both. 

Yesterday was spent catching up with my friend Lucie in Edinburgh and we had “a wander around” as they say and looked at her beautiful artworks, and brainstormed a bit of working together on a collaborative project sometime. 

Tomorrow the plan is to drive up to Glencoe, and camp out there before I must tear myself away to go to Switzerland for the “Nashville Nights” shows. 

So lucky to be here!

Daytrotter and BIG OLE NEWS!


Hi Internet people!

So, I’ve been fairly MIA as far as blog updates go, and I apologize. Fret not, however, because it is not for lack of hard work on new things to come!

First- here is a link to our Daytrotter session recorded with Joshua D. Niles at Big Light Studios. Big ups to Sean Moeller for being so cooperative and patient while we worked and reworked schedule conflicts, and for having us come record at all. I think we’re all really happy with the final product!

Listen here!!/concert/erin-rae-and-the-meanwhiles/20057000-37383651

The other fantastical things in the works are both a trip overseas, and a fall tour state-side with Courtney Marie Andrews who is absolutely one of my favorite songwriters these days.

September- Ill be returning to Scotland, to join Little Fire and Marie Collins, as well as some of the Admiral Fallow boys for a show in Glasgow on Friday the 13th. A gallery show of sorts is also in the works with textile artist Lucie Whitmore, in Edinburgh. (date TBD). From Scotland I’ll be heading to Switzerland to reunite with my friend Jean- Luc Bercovitz who has set up a series of shows called “Nashville Nights”. More info to come on that, I’m just beyond excited to be in that country at all. Cant wait.

Fall dates will be announced soon for the October tour with Courtney- as we are still ironing out details.

More good news to come!

Erin Rae